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Yeah I'm unfortunately familiar with the flip flopping act that has happened in the past. I will say that both Linux and LibreOffice are far more further along than they were when they tried that 15-20 years ago. I have been primarily LibreOffice based since 2016. I couldn't have pulled that off in 2005.
I don't know about LibreOffice, but one of the "hidden" pain points for Linux adoption was - and still is - the lack of central configuration and access management (group policies, basically). You get somewhat similar things from Canonical as a paid service, but that actually makes it more expensive than a Windows infrastructure would be. Which is an issue, as governmental projects need to follow a relatively strict bidding process.

Luckily, LIbreOffice allows some configuration via GPO (especially stuff like disabling macros, ...), so this might turn out well. 😀