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Does anyone have experience with

Just throwing this out to the #fediverse. i stumbled upon the site today and don't really know anything beyond what their homepage states. I'm curious to hear some thoughts on this, or if it's even worth delving deeper.

#opensource #ideas #minds
First I've heard of it, but just at first-glance, it LOOKS a lot like G+
All I can say is, like another platform or two, people should research who is there before getting invested in it. I've already done my research last year - not interested in it.
I tried it. It held my interest for less than half a day. I’ve now tried so many social media platforms that I can’t even remember what my feedback was about this one.
@alysonsee (Fca) So it's just a social platform? I thought it was something involving block-chain / crypto, where somehow you generate some sort of coinage for creating content... or along those lines...

It was on my todo list to check out further this weekend, but it sounds like a waste of time. Thanks for the critique!
I heard about it, but didn't sign up yet. Now reading the whitepaper pdf file they provided. The interesting thing seems to be their award system. It says it is "decentralized" but how I didn't get the idea, because " Minds has adopted
a hybridized approach that incorporates both centralized and decentralized architectures to capture the
benefits of each. " Award system's token is built upon Ethereum ERC-20 standard. So this manages monetization of awards. " This provides the community with a true peer-to-peer, decentralized token that enables autonomous and independent relationships between creators, supporters and advertisers." maybe it is mainly built for advertisers... Long document :) keep reading..
So, thanks a lot @Oya SANLI , now you've got me interested again :P

Seriously though, you did pique my interest enough to open up that "white paper" again and actually give it a better scan. It seems they have good intentions... but then, this is a marketing paper, not a true white paper (hence, my condescending quotes earlier, ha). Not having tried it out yet, I have to admit I have the feeling that it's far too structured on an underlying traditional corporate model to be the 'robin hood' sort of project it claims to be aiming for. I'm always hoping to find these sorts of things in legitimate form, though... I guess I just need to sign up and try it out, but between what you have said (and @Shelenn Ayres & others here whom I highly respect) I'm not inclined to believe it's even worth the time at this point. The true fediverse has helped me see the light!

Also, I see the last name 'Ottman' too many times on the management team - Bill, John, Jack Ottman - it's a bit of an 'Ottman Empire'!
...sorry, I just couldn't pass by that low hanging fruit :\
It's not decentralized.
Hahaha:)) I don't think they have any relation with Ottoman Empire @Adam Gaskins Yes like most have it, it is a marketing paper. Still has some clues in it though. Agree their model like traditional corporate model. I found a few things interesting and I'm giving a try to see if those are working or how those work in real life.
Cool @Oya SANLI ! I'm interested to hear how your experience goes after some time using it! Good luck!
It's not that bad. They are serious about free speech. So you can post just about anything there as long as it's not illegal. They have a jury system where the users can participate, but I've never been asked to engage in "jury duty" on the site. The jury system is relatively new -- just released in the last month.

In the end it's like trying to describe how an orange tastes ... try it you might like it.