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iSurf Social Updated to latest Friendica Release Candidate

!iSurf Support

Hi all! It's been a quiet little while around here but things appear to have been just ticking along nicely. Hopefully the current release candidate code doesn't disrupt that much, if at all.

If anyone sees any issues, please reach out!


That's a very good question - that behaviour I haven't witnessed myself, and there doesn't appear to be a setting around it.

What version of friendica is your friend running? Could be something that is new or buggy or something in the devel version?

The version is 2019.04, and it happened on 2019.03 also. I even thought it was a feature not a bug -_- So how can I investigate into it? Maybe check the log?

With a behaviour like that I would suspect there would likely not be very good logging around it. If I were you I would post to @Friendica Support as that's where developers are, and they might have an idea.