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I so hate this fucking guy. PS the reason why I was comfortable booking a cruise was *because* they were requiring proof of vaccinations. If they no longer can I'm not doing it. I hope the cruise lines sue him into oblivion. Also because he did nothing top level except data obscuration it fell on the local municipalities to put some semblance of protocols in place to protect its citizens. Now they can't even do that if there is another surge. So like most Republicans he wants to do the antithesis of the responsible thing at each step of the way on COVID. Fuck him. Sadly he has better than 50/50 odds of winning reelection next year. Working to help make that *not* happen...
Yep....he's one of the worst!
Just as with his hero, Mr. Trump, if DuhSucksAss runs for another term, I would vote for Satan himself before placing a check mark by ANY Repulsive, Repugnant Republican.