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TIL about Airyx. A FreeBSD based OS that seeks to create an open OS w/Mac-like experience and ability to run x86-64 compiled Cocoa apps (however much longer those will be published). Love the explosion in alternative OS's again. (H/T @thomholwerda )

swift is still built on the back of cocoa, isn't it?
I'm not sure. Older controls probably still in Objective-C and using the interop I'd bet but newer stuff written in Swift proper.
Might be able to massage user mode qemu into making AARCH64 programs to work.
@gudenau I imagine that would be glacial though. They say for open source projects written in Cocoa (not GNUstep) so maybe thinking of a simple recompilation for another target platform?
Gonna try putting in on a 2010 MacBook Pro I have.
@CosmicTortoise I replaced macOS on my 2011 MacBook Air with ElementaryOS and it's been amazing. It doesn't run Mac apps but this doesn't really yet either. This is still very alpha-ware. If ElementaryOS had in-place major version upgrades I'd probably keep it on there. Since I have to do a reinstall from ISO I'm thinking of giving Arch or Arch-based Garuda Linux a try
I did use Elementary OS, but I am never happy with the desktop experience.

I will try out Garuda Linux, seems promising.