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@Shelenn Ayres

I think I've found a little bug in the Friendica web interface. I'm not sure where to report it.

Running Firefox on Linux here. It appears that the thumbs up/down indicators are not updating properly. Here's what happens.

If I click thumbs up, the display goes gray for a moment, then the thumbs up turns blue, as it should. If I click the thumbs up again, which should toggle it off, the display grays for a moment but the icon remains blue. You can click again and again and it remains blue. You can click thumbs down and the same thing happens. You can have both thumbs up and down showing blue.

A bit of experimentation manually refreshing the display shows that the click detection and server behavior is correct. The second click actually does toggle it off at the server. It's just the browser display code that's not updating the color.
I would post this to the @iSurf Support first to see if it is a known issue. If not it will elevate. There is a github for issue reporting but ask the admin first. 😀
I suspect your tagging them will bring their attention.
I just knew you would know. Thank you.
not sure tagging a community forum account will bring them here.. but you can click to join it
I did but was not sure how to post in a community. Never done it before. I guess I'll learn. Lol.
From your network stream look on the left top block should show community forums you belong to. Click iSurf Support and it will show the community plus you see the post button in the upper right. When you use that it will insert the ! followed by the iSurf Support username so that post is shared with all members of the community forum. The other method is to simply type it yourself on a post (! means send to community forum instead of @ which means send to user).
Cool. Thanks for the tip.

I wonder when they're going to add the ability to block domains. I've stumbled across whole servers that are devoted to unsavory and illegal content, apparently out of Asia, but see no way to block it.
If you are admin of your own node, you have the ability to block other nodes if needed I believe. Have you attempted to test using wildcards in the Superblock addon via settings? I haven't tried it.
Haven't tried it, but have run across conversations that say it doesn't work. Only the admin can do it. Blocked domains are also listed in the description of each iSurf server/node.
You should also post the question in the iSurf Support forum to flag the admin for an answer ;) If it is not possible yet, filing an issue report is how to request the feature.

Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) doesn't like this.

FWIW, I've not seen this particular bug, with the baseline conditions in common (same site, Firefox under Ubuntu).
Fascinating. I't just my luck. Lol. Fortunately, it's not a debilitating problem and I have a workaround. (Refresh the page to see the actual states.)
There are two conversations going on about this. I'll post another screen shot here so you can see the weird state in action. Lol.

Derek L doesn't like this.

@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) And this time it did the same to me, when I liked/disliked your last comment!
Whew. Okay. We've confirmed that I'm not crazy. Haha.

I'm sure it's a simple bug in the Javascript code of the page. If you refresh the browser, it displays correctly.
Hmm. I just noticed that my display here of my comment that you both liked and disliked, indicates that you both liked and disliked it.

Therefore, I must retract my statement that the server is okay. It's not. For this to appear on my machine, the server must have both states true as well. Here's a screenshot where my machine is showing that you both liked and disliked the comment.
Liking and disliking comments... what a concept.

Ambivalence. Or, maybe schizophrenia.

It looks pretty funny, though.