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Twidere malfunctioning - maybe non-coincidentally?

This is a bit annoying, as I haven't been using Twidere for very long, but very quickly have grown to like it, as I have been able to use it for my main Twitter accounts as well as Friendica. It seems to be a great reader.

A couple of days ago, in fact, I think I only noticed it yesterday morning, the main timeline stopped updating on all of my accounts - which seemed extremely strange as they're on different platforms. So, my suspicion was was Twidere, my phone, etc.

If you look at Twidere's latest tweets, it looks like they're shutting the project down - except, that on it's own shouldn't break things, should it? They say things may change with the tie-in to Twitter, but not sure how or why this would affect Statusnet connections.

Would love to know if anyone else uses Twidere and if they've noticed the same issues at all.

Have a look at :

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@Adam Clark Clear the cache in the Twidere settings (somewhere in storage settings), close the app, open the app.
This bug is so annoying that I stopped using Twidere.

Yeah, that was one of the first things I did. I have resolved the non-Twitter issues with it by re-installing the app (so much fun, of course!), which of course has meant starting from scratch again. At least with the fresh start, I can see that it's Twitter consumer/API key stuff is what's causing the problem there, and all I need to do is setup the devel stuff at Twitter (eye rolls!), heh.