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My Paladin has hit level 4. This makes me happy. Never played a Paladin in my life.
@Rasmus Fuhse yep, 5e. Got a monthly game with some friends. Been playing here and there since 3.0e, but the paladin thing never struck my fancy before. I'm lead to believe I'm "doing it wrong," because I don’t reflexively burn all my spell slots on critical hit bonus damage. I happen to like spells and their effects, right? ;)
Cool! I don't like D&D so much, I prefer other pen & paper systems. But I'm pretty sure you don't do it wrong. That is roleplaying and each and every player should play the same character class in their very own way.

My best characters in the meaning of best in the way I enjoyed playing them were characters that weren't powerplaying at all. Most of my best characters were more or less useless to fighting against monsters.
@Rasmus Fuhse , you are totally right! I'm joking about "playing it wrong," of course. My paladin is quit effective in a fight, but I loooove skill proficiencies, and play her Charisma to the hilt.
That's also why I nerd out on Half-Elf Rogue/Knowledge Cleric/Lore Bard with the Skilled Feat. Piles of Double Proficiency :)
(Not to be confused with my High Elf Nature Cleric/Sorcerer/Tome Warlock with Magic Initiate Feat, who is optimized for piles of Cantrips - 15 Cantrips at level 6 is so unbelievablely useful out of combat, and shockingly useful in a fight, too!)
When I try to talk about D&D I always have to thin of film. I had so many bad experiences with GMs that are too bound to the rules. D&D is to me more boardgame than roleplaying game. But the right people it still can be a lot of fun. My very last D&D char was a barbarian pitfighter. Pitfighter? Yeah, think of him as a mix of Hulk Hogan and Conan. In every battle I tried flying elbows, powerbombs and bear hugs all over and my GM was cool enough to say "okay, just roll anything and we will see what happens".

Other roleplaying systems like Black Eye or Star Wars D6 or even Shadowrun are more free to do what you want. That's what I really appreciate.
Nice you finally got a better GM :)
Indeed. I have a current group that harmonizes very well.