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Began looking into a new smartphone and decided to look up which company was most ethical. Some are rated as 54% while my phone is listed as 38% samsung. Turns out I had to do some more digging and some of the high numbers for some were what I would consider fluff, not all categories weighed equally, while mine ended up being one of the most ethical in terms of what I care about. I wish they didn't make political contributions but the mostly gave to my party and I wish they had better human rights and weren't in the arms industry but they do openly support the ability to unionize and have an open sourcing of materials, as well as a certified eco-lable. How that translates is another question. I also don't care if my phone is made by nuclear power or not. So for me and what I care about, Samsung is the best company. In other words, there is no way to buy anything completely ethically in a capitalist economy.
Interesting! Gives me another good reason to keep on using Samsung! Thanks....
You are treating ethics as an universal absolute. Interesting indeed.
Not really, like I said, to some people, the nuclear issue is important. Some were environmentally open with their information but didn't pass outside environmental watchdog groups, while others had the opposite going on. I actually said the opposite of what you claimed and the fact that it's all a mess thanks to the banality of evil and the supply chain dilution of responsibility that, like the Congo genocide under king Leopold and US slavery, lead to horrible outcomes, so pick what's most important to you.
and Fairphone?
Only available in Europe
I'm considering buying a #pinephone , developed by Pine64.

I also considered buying a Huawei (arguably worker-owned company), but I'm not sure if they are going to sell smartphones with OpenHarmony anytime soon.
Also, only available in Europe, sadly. Not sure how I feel able Huawei, worker owned? Can you back that up? Samsung is assembled in Vietnam where they are allowed to unionize incredibly easily, China, not as much.
I remember Lee Camp mentioned it on Redacted Tonight. He said that was the real reason why Trump hated the company.
Skeptical of Lee Camp, I'm also not thrilled about supporting the CCP. But I will continue to look, I do like worker owned companies, sadly the CCP has an outsized power level in the nation. Vietnam is the communist nation I think has the most free and fair elections in it, and power to the workers. That said I do have a dragon tablet that is easily repairable and already supports the CCP if China wanted to spy on me they easily could do so, so whatever.