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Just a reminder that the Lincoln project will feel like the cavalry coming to the rescue. You will even start to like them. Their ads are so much more powerful than anything Democrats can ever make and have ever made. Why? Because all Republicans are are marketers salespeople and PR persons. They don't have to have good ideas of their own if anything they work for the elites to keep people persuaded that they should stay rich and you should stay poor. They are only helping Biden because they created a monster who went too far and can't be controlled. Trump is their oil spill and they caused him and now are marketing themselves as the heroes coming in and cleaning up the mess. Don't be fooled. Pay attention and learn their propaganda techniques so we can use them for actually good things. But never believe or trust them. They just want to clean up their oil spill and come out rebranded heroes, or at least salvage their garbage party name and take over the party so they can start the cycle again.