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How close are we to being able to grow replacement eyes/ears or their functional pieces from our own cells? Asking for a middle aged
!0 years on ears probably we already have skin down to a certain extent. Eyes are much trickier and will probably take 20 at least. Really comes down to the cellular complexity and how complicated it is to build matrices between the connective tissue. You will probably get a bionic eye before a regrown eye. If you mean the hearing parts of the ear, there is a process in the clinical trial pipeline to use a somewhat simple process to regrow your ear follicles that could come to market in 5 years or less. Simple organs such as the heart, liver and Bladder will probably be the first out, complex organs such as lungs and kidneys will probably take much longer. I was looking into going into the field of 3d organ and tissue printing but I'd need either another degree or to move to a different state so just watching from the sidelines.