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#proprietarysoftware like #adobe #photoshop helps the #surveillance state ... like proprietary printing drivers that add yellow, pale dots that are secretly designed for spies; use #freesw instead. No source-catching traps.
dump photoshop and use gimp2
I have, but I do see a few I don't recall since the last time I checked! I guess it's been quite some time now. Thanks @Shelenn Ayres !
Reg. the yellow dots - I always assumed that they got added in hardware and have heard of software that adds additional dots to make them unreadable. Would be interested to learn if they actually get added by the driver as that would be a big plus for using free software.
@elrido Just to be clear, this was a very low end budget all-in-one printer - not some sophisticated device that could actually even print money that looked remotely real! So this is why I highly doubt the manufacter would have programmed such things in to the drivers on their own.
thank you for sharing the details