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That would explain the oddity of the notification that you were just now Sharing with me. Holy Datahole, Batman!
Hi, Eric, and everyone,
I confirm... is down since Sunday, due to a fire at the Ogden datacenter.
I hope for them that it will be restored soon.
I had this backup profile on another pod, but didn't take the time to copy my contacts and other data to it. :/
Have a nice day !
Yes, @Nigel Taujess II ... I had this account at set up a couple years back, but since I chose to stick with, I didn't add all my contacts here. I spent most of yesterday tracking everyone down and adding them here, as many of you know from all the "friend requests" you got yesterday. ;)
That’s the second uncontrolled fire at a data center in the past month. Looks like there’s more learning to do.