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Developers have already created Android, Linux, and Windows companion apps for the $27 PineTime smartwatch (designed to run open source software). Now there are two work-in-progress iOS companion apps and a new Ubuntu Touch app as well.…


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I have a pinebook and pinephone. They are neat ideas but fail in practice because of the same things that you always find in opensource projects of this nature: hardware intellectual property. In the case of the pinebook it is the firmware that does not allow for a proper sleep mode. The pinephone has incredibly immature software as well. They sound great on paper but are best avoided unless you are a CS major. Just save your money and get an Apple Watch / Android Watch. You will find yourself with much better use out of them.
@JRG Yeah I have a Pinebook Pro and while it is impressive for $199 in many respects it does fall flat as a device I would give to the masses. It wasn't designed to be that either. It's the same with the PinePhone and PineTime. I think the biggest impediment is lack of resources not hardware IP. These projects are a fraction of the size of one small subsystem team at Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. They therefore are behind the eightball and get further each day even if they started from a place of technical parity, which they of course do not either.
This is so cool…