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When we dropped cable, we kept local stations, because that didn't require paying a termination fee, and the price difference between the two was about $5, total, over the course of I think it was 16 months.

Other than that, we stayed away from the "live TV" flavors of any of the services for exactly the price reasons that you cite. For the time being, we're content with Netflix HD, Hulu and Prime, although I admit I've been tempted by various of the smaller services for specific shows (CBSAA for ST:D, DCU for Titans, and the upcoming Disney+ for both the MCU shows and the fact that we have a toddler).

I use the CW App for the Arrowverse shows, though it does mean I have to sit through ads for those. (Not that, with aforementioned toddler, we have a lot of time to watch "grown-up" TV to begin with... ^^;; )
Another thing most people don't know they can do is ask to speak to customer loyalty folks with their cable service to get competitive offers when renewing services. I've done this a couple of times and will do it again when I see a new offering limited to new customers only. LOL
Oh I don't mind the ads on IMDB Free which we recently found via Amazon Fire. With Hulu going from 5 to 45 bucks (we have an intro 12 bucks for a year offer), they are out. One important aspect for me that has limits with apps is CC needs since I am mostly deaf. Many apps are not accessible because they do not all provide CC or subtitling of all shows if at all. With cable, I get this without issue due to regulations.
Hulu and Netflix in our house, both the basic tier cable ;)
I disconnected cable in 1996 and never even tried a streaming service. It has been good - life is worth living despite this gaping hole in my life ;)
You're not missing a thing @Cade Johnson
I’m getting a Sony - UBP-X800…or in that line…think it’s the next model down

I'm spending more money and time anyways.
Wait, a YouTube fee?! What's that for, exactly?
It's for YouTube TV subscription streaming... not regular YT vids people make available for free.
I was going to say! Though that seems a reasonable idea, if they're supplying a service like Netflix. They already have films that you pay for to watch.
It really depends on what you're getting. One of the reasons that I'm cutting the cord when my time is up is customer service.

A couple of examples: 1) they lost all of my DVR content, with no explanation other than a 'backend problem'. 2) they didn't let me know when my contract was up one year- on my bill or by calling or e-mailing even though they do both for various other reasons. Just charged me the jacked up price after I was out of contract. There's been various other small customer service things that have just added up.

Another is commercials on content. When I lost all of that DVR'd content, I was stuck watching commercials on content that I'd already recorded.

Add to that the fact that a lot of the cost, I'm already paying, it becomes a no-brainer and a net negative cost to me by a lot.

As with anything, your mileage may vary. But I think I'll get the most of mine after cutting.
The only problem I had after "cutting the cord" was that the company that provided the cable TV also provided the cable even though it's a reduction of around half, I'm still paying the same people :(