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2021-06-08 18:46:00

U.S. health care in a nutshell

1. FDA approves Alzehimer's drug that may not even work
2. Drug costs $56,000, which will drive up insurance premiums for everyone else
3. Drug maker Biogen's stock surges 38%, making it $17 billion richer in one day
Yep. That's the system.😳
Yea, they had some scientist from UCSD who helped develop it on the TeeVee, who said that it is supposed to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's in the early years, except in the early years the disease progress's slowly anyway, so you can't tell if its working or not. But he said is does reduce plaque build up in the brain, so now they are thinking that that is not the primary cause of Alzheimer's...LOL
Australian television played up the "possible treatment" and downplayed the "no evidence".
I just don't understand why it was approved if there was no evidence it had a therapeutic effect. I'm following a lot of work on pharmaceutical and gene editing studies for Huntington's Disease and the studies are shut down when the therapeutic effect is missing even if other effects they study (e.g. brain mass, brain fold density) show stability.
It was probably approved because the Drug Company did extensive lobbying and carousing and contributing to those involved in approving it!
Maybe as @Doug Senko said - it reduces plaque, but they couldn't verify any resultant cognitive change. Maybe you would have to run the trial for a long time to see any verifiable difference. (or plaque is only an indicator, not a cause?)