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#NewZealand #Australia Scary when legislation is rammed through after a tragedy. #KneeJerk reaction in my view, could have serious ramifications vis-a-vi #Censorship | Techdirt

I wonder what the right response would be, if it could be made slowly.

There are calls for breaking up the social media. The few big ones seem to under-spend on maintaining their community standards. Would more smaller ones be better? I guess that the worst ones would be easier to walk away from

Not sure what the answer is other than no censorship.
I don't believe adults should be protected from what is real life (in my mind that's another way to hide the truth). Maybe if we saw more dead grotesque killings, it would snap us out of this idea that we're doing good when we support the killing of civilians in war, like we are doing in Yemen, right now! There aren't any such thing as "surgical strikes".

If you can take your data with you, it'll help immensely.

Yeah, the "hide it and it'll go away" approach is pretty flawed. qv Streisand Effect.