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Question: I've been experimenting with features. On the protocols box in the left panel, When I choose DFRN I see user posts showing from Friendica. When I choose Activity Pub I see user posts showing from Friendica (AP). I've seen these in mixed form (both) from this node. What does it mean?

Prior to the 2019.01 stable release of Friendica, DFRN was the only way Friendica talked to other Friendica nodes. I'm not sure if it was used beyond Friendica - perhaps Hubzilla as well.

With the introduction of AP, Friendica is migrating away from DFRN and the system tries to figure out which protocol it can use, preferring AP. I suspect Friendica will have to support DFRN for some time, so that nodes running older versions will still be able to federate, but the new releases I believe will continue to have more and more AP support and prefer to use it when possible.

So, right now it's a mix with Friendica nodes, and I couldn't tell you all the ins and outs of what magic it's doing to figure out which protocol it should use.

Also, please forgive me where I've stated things as absolute fact - I believe I know the details only to a degree, I could be off about some of it. The gist of it is there, and there's talk of it on the prior Friendica release announcement.