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I would much rather celebrate the greatness of today, but I cannot, because there is none.

Consider this performance: This is actual music. It's not just human speech barked out in a rhythmic fashion. It's music, with melody, harmony, chord progressions, techniques like pedal points that appeal to the human soul, and much more. It lifts us. It feeds the human spirit. It electrifies us.

There is none of that today in the popular genres of music: rock, metal, country, rap, hip-hop, reggae. All of them have become degraded to the level of idiocy.
Great music, enjoyed this on a few road trips. But i'm not sure why you say today's music is degraded. Isn't it always possible to think that nostalgic stuff is better than current stuff?
I don't think so. I find that many of today's young people listen to the music of my generation -- two-plus generations before their own. We didn't do that. We made our own music that was better than what had come before. But today, the music that makes it onto airplay is hand picked by A&R people. We no longer have 6,000 independent radio stations with disk jockeys who could play whatever they wanted, or hundreds of record labels. The laws prohibiting monopolies were eliminated in the 1990s and now everything is directed by a handful of megacorporations, who also own all the radio stations.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Airplay? I haven't listened to something on the radio is ages, lol. Yeah commercial music is probably selected differently today. But the world has moved on. There are thousands of stations, they're just on the internet. Thousands, probably millions more recording artists today. Not sure i'd apply the same standards now. I don't know if the music is better today or yesterday, but what i've heard i wouldn't be too quick to dismiss modern music in general. It's pretty hard to judge contemporary art, time will tell.
Well, people listen to the radio when they drive. Millions of people spend hours in their car every day. That was how we in the 60s and 70s were exposed to such an enormous array of great music and new artists were discovered. Hits were born out of popularity at radio stations, where people would call in and request, by the thousands.

Today, all the radio stations, except for a handful still privately owned, are owned by two corporations, who determine what is played. It's preprogrammed by computer.

Back in the day, each DJ at each station had a personality known to the listeners and would play stuff they liked and that people requested.

Since there's no good music to listen to anymore, people listen to Rush Limbaugh.