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The sand mandala is a Buddhist practice of making art out of sand (days to weeks) to then shortly after completion brush it away. It's a reminder of our impermanence, and to me a reminder to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Both are equally ephemeral.

There was a guy called Joe Mangrum (I believe) on G+ who did one of these, if not quite as detailed, in downtown NYC every day and posted a picture.
There are time lapse videos of a mandala being made (offered is really the proper term). The monks have to wear coverings over their mouths so as to not move the individual sand with their breath.

The mandala is symbolic of offering the entire universe to the Buddhas knowing that, being free from cyclical rebirth, they no longer need it. Being able to practice as such is in fact a gift from the Buddhas.
@Tenzin I just watched the video, wonderful! Do you want to share it here on diaspora or can i?
Sure by all means share!
Go for it! ;)
I believe @Sunyata was talking about the YouTube link in my comment above his.