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Lots of details on the meltdown meeting that caused 20-30% of the company to leave and maybe more. Wow!
2021-05-04 00:02:08
During Friday’s all-hands meeting, Basecamp’s head of strategy denied that white supremacy existed at the company.

30 minutes later, he had been suspended. This weekend, he resigned — leaving along with at least 20 others.

Here’s how Basecamp blew up:

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That was interesting to read.
I've worked previous places where managers said "give us your feedback" and when they got it they got pissed off and yelled about it.
If you want softball questions, run the company so that people don't have hardball questions. you might be referring to something like this:

fill out the anonymous survey they way we tell you to:

I was thinking about something that another regular poster here mentioned in a private comment recently, about filling out an anonymous survey that indicated frustration with a coworker, and within a day both the poster and the coworker were in HR. So much for anonymous.
Yeah, every place I've ever worked the managers always asked for feedback but pissed if you told the truth....or maybe it's just me. 😀
to be anonymous takes a bit of effort these days. vpn, tor, virtual machines, browsers with anti-tracking addons.
The hubris and poor decision-making of the leaders is kind of astounding. I can understand their goal: keep work conversations focused on work seems straightforward, but they also are supporting an environment that keeps people engaged with coworkers all the time and somehow expecting them to keep their personal ideas out of it. Any experienced leader would have known how this would inevitably turn out.