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Hmm. I just realized that the 70 or so email notifications, that came in from G+ during the final moments, each contain a thread of multiple emails containing the text of the comments.

I'll have to find the best way to preserve those.

Those contain the final words from a bunch of my contacts, as things were shutting down. They were NOT captured for the Internet Archive.

Whatever you have in your inbox is the only remaining copies.

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I’m glad I saved those old notifications by email for posts with important links and contact information!

I've edited the original post, to point out a couple of things.

Same here. Got a lot of G+ notices and routinely skimmed for "keepers" to save for posterity. Posterity arrived a bit early.

Indeed. My plan is to take all of it, convert it into some legible format, and blog it. The last words of friendships on G+. The last words on the "Lights Out" Community. It's gone now and won't appear in the Archive.

My 2c of the moment - first, more power to you for doing something creative and respectful. That's a great thing to do... been there, Sept. 11... That would be really cool for those of us - 400-500-600 I think before lights went out - too. We're a small group that shared a real historic event in social media, and bore witness, with music, cartoons, F-U's, and goodbyes. But the good news: Many of us are more or less intact, and among some recent and old friends. "All good" /heavy

Other 1c - I've just tried keeping my feed focused on the tag #gplusrefugee, which is what I've used and brings me to familiar people I've only met in recent months. I see similar hashtags (i.e., googleplusrefugees) and it turns out a whole different set of people and none of my own posts). So... the hashtag really does rule "here" and almost makes up for some losses - and t quiets down the feed from larger tags (e.g., music) or all aspects if you have many. I'm usually trying to focus when I'm at the compute... show more

I only recently started using that hashtag, and I don't do it consistently. I started because one of my Plusser friends uses it and maybe it's useful.

There's also some confusion between singular and plural. Both are being used and they turn up different results.

In years of social networking, I've never been a hashtagger. I'm still learning whether it's useful or not. ;-)
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I've never been a fan of Twitter/Inst lifestyle tagging - "hashtag-shoptilIIdrop" etc.
But then I still look for the + button here or there. Definitely see the tag in singular & plural too. I think some of us doing "Lights Out" watch used refugees (plural) to address the group but now I use the singular 'cause I'm but one now, and gplus not googleplus because I was lazy (&/or efficient) and that's how my tagging went! :)

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