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Today I noticed I cannot type in the reply box. I have to click comment on someone else's comment to post to an existing thread. Did something change on the server?
When I click in the box that says reply to Shelenn Ayres (original poster) the box goes back to unclicked state. I have to click Comment under your post to respond which then forces indent.
What browser? I am using the latest Chrome but it may have auto updated causing an issue.
Testing with Firefox works. Something changed in Chrome.
Checking my Chrome i get Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Friendica works in FF though... but i also need to update FF with a fresh download... it will ahve to wait until after my dj event coming up
Testing with latest FF dev edition... works well and fast
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Those are awesome ?
An issue was opened so the devs are aware and will get to it as they can ? We do have viable workarounds as you tested.
No the issue still persists with the version of Chrome noted above. I am a Win10 Pro user - not sure about the others.
Without doing anything in Chrome, it suddenly works (been out sick).