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In an attempt to stem the tide of #gplusrefugees flocking over to MeWe or some other siloed site because "OMG there are communities!!" I figured let's start building up the forum presence here in an attempt to drive some traffic this way.

Thus: I have created a Board Games Forum for discussion of all things Board and Card Games. Join now!

@Board Games Forum
Good idea! You can also assign others to help admin the community forum also.
How does the forum work? Isn't this just a private sharing site lol
@CherlynChapel Unfortunately, I believe it is currently the case that Diaspora users cannot post to Friendica forums, though you should be able to comment on posts. However, any Friendica user who is subscribed to the forum should be able to make a post there. (I don't recall, off the top of my head, about Hubzilla users, whose platform has more in common with Friendica than Diaspora; any Hubzilla users who would like to give this a try, please do so!)

It is my sincere hope that someone with more (a) free time, and (b) knowledge about the platforms, than I might take up the task of finding a solution to this shortcoming.
@Adam Clark Truth, although it would be a bit hypocritical of me to say "I'm not joining your (free) social network just to keep tabs on your community, but here, join my (free) social network just to keep tabs on ours!" ;-)
I do know at least one podmin who wants his users to be able to use Friendica communities - I referred him to Friendica devs because I have no idea how he might accomplish that given the protocol differences.
@Adam Clark Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant as opposed to MeWe, where a lot of the members of the Board Games communities (and other communities) on G+ are going because "hey, they have communities there!"
They don't have communities though... they have groups.. and those do not work like G+ communities or like Friendica or Hubzilla community forums. In fact, I have a couple of groups on MeWe for the folks who requested them and they are very limited. Most of the MeWe users are there for the live chat and not for the social media which is very much a walled garden. They mislead their users with the latest "public" posting feature - it only lets you make a post visible to all of MeWe instead of just your contacts. What was asked for and promised was public to the Internet without needing an account to see content posted. The only way you get that from MeWe is to pay a ridiculous fee for "Pages". The gaming community belongs in the Fediverse!
@Shelenn Ayres That makes the mass exodus of "Y'all should come to MeWe and join the communities that are getting killed on G+" all the more depressing if that community functionality isn't what it's being built up to be...
Correct. For me, I believe supporting Friendica and showing users how it is feature rich enough to replace G+, FB, and then some is the best approach. You won't change the minds of those who are simply jt looking for live chat and cat or fairy pictures. But, over time, those looking for a real replacement for G+ that is free can reach out to you if you stay in touch with them to help them crossover.
This is quite interesting, I thought that across the federated services you could see all posts in a tag, but it seems not so, since Frendica has a special service which hides posts even more.
It's not hiding. Diaspora does not offer community forums so its users cannot participate in Friendica or Hubzilla forums. Friendica also has like and dislike on comments. Diaspora does not so if I like your comment you cannot see that I liked it. The same is true for editing. Since diaspora does not allow editing yet, its users cannot see when a Friendica or Hubzilla post or comment is edited.
I tried the forums with Diaspora and Mastodon members. The posts didn't federate to Mastodon, but they did federate to Diaspora. So, not sure that they can't participate. I never tried to post from Diaspora, but will do that.
I see, thanks for the explanation! But the core functionality remains the same right? That if I post in #boardgames things in Diaspora's #boardgames show up in Friendica and Hubzilla's #boardgames section?
it shows up hashtagged yes ;)
but it would not show up inside a boardgames community unless a member reshared it to that community forum
Connected from hubzilla, and it seems to work! (What do I know, I'm a total #noob on this
Also as a note, I think you have to tag it correctly to get it to federate at least on friendica, i.e. @Board Games Forum must be included (not sure if !Board Games Forum must be included also). The other posts to the forum I can see if I visit the forum's profile, but they didn't federate to me on Friendica on my stream.