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Contributing to iSurf upkeep?

!iSurf Support iven registration is temporarily closed, and we now prune networked posts to reduce storage need -- is it perhaps time to start accepting financial contributions from users?

I'd be happy to chip in several dollars a month - OpenCollective seems like a good way to accept payment. Of course I just realized I don't know what the entity is behind iSurf, so I don't know how practical this is.

Thanks in advance for providing this service and being amazingly up-to-date and responsive!
... and then it takes me 6 days to respond to this! heh

Thanks very much, @Michel Alexandre Salim I really appreciate it. I am the entity behind iSurf, it's been a very mini ISP for a few clients but I've also put up various other services, like our Friendica instance here, under the same domain. They're most personal projects though.

I haven't looked at OpenCollective yet, and I truly appreciate the offer. I did start looking at ways to collect donations for anyone who was so inclined.. and got so far as to setup Liberapay, but I hadn't gone any further than that, didn't announce it yet, or anything ( that part I actually find kind of awkward ).

I will have a look at OC, and ponder those next steps.