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So, is closing. Thanks for the great user experience @Adam ! I would like to move my account to another Friendica server. Any recommendations anyone?

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@Shelenn Ayres. I got the email this morning 🙁
I went to: I entered Friendica in the search box. That brought up 169 results for Friendica pods.

I did a text search in my browser for the word "yes" without the quotes. That shows 90 Friendica pods that currently are open for new signup's 😀
Have you seen this nifty tool already?

And then there's still the good old server list (goes to show just how many Friendica servers are hosted here in Germany, heh...).

Can't recommend any specific server to you, though. I don't know what exactly you need, and it took me long enough to find a Hubzilla hub that suits me.

Also, here's to hoping that this reply will make it from Hubzilla to Friendica safely...
Thanks @David Calderon and @Jupiter Rowland for the resources. I am debating with myself whether to fire up a node or join another.
Your Welcome, @Shelenn Ayres. Also, I found a better link to begin a search for a new pod.
Seems odd to find servers that have been up for a year or more, good uptime, accepts new users, and has zero users.
saw that too
@Shelenn Ayres Thanks for the mention!

From my perspective (which, granted, is a unique one), if you have the opportunity and comfort level to run your own instance, definitely do it! You'll be able to utilize any/all add-on modules that you wish, tie the instance in to a relay, and boom, you'll have a pretty tied-in system.

I am glossing that all over with fairy dust, but I'd still recommend it if you are able.

Either way, enjoy the next space!
considering it
for those who are not sure how to move or export accounts here is info
Thanks for posting that link. My knowledge of migration was incomplete. Nowhere else have I seen the instruction to NOT open a new account on a new server but instead to do the import. I feel like I dodged a bullet.
Good article, @Shelenn Ayres. Thanks 😀
Well... I targeted possible new homes, then followed the instructions for exporting my account.... and got a blank page, not obviously connected with the potential new host.

This happened with all 3 of the possibles I'd earmarked. Any ideas ?
Which nodes did you attempt to move your account to that had issues? @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) which node were you successful moving your account to?
I dont think it was the nodes so much as the system. Everything ends in a blank page, no way forward or back.

Dosen't really matter now, I've decided to give up on Friendica. Too much hassle trying to do something that ought to be simple.
I haven't tried yet, which may be a good thing. I've learned that with some or all pods, if you are migrating from another pod, you don't want to sign up for an account. You want to contact the admin and them do the sign up and import of your exported account in one operation. However, don't take that as gospel. I'm still learning.

Mainly I've just been studying the lists of pods and making notes. There are some in Germany that interest me. I've been busy working long hours for the past three days so haven't made progress. I plan to make some progress tonight and tomorrow.