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What is #CHECKIN?

A longstanding daily tradition started by @Lawrence Williams on G+. Peeps from many time zones throughout the world checked in to exchange greetings or mingle over a cuppa/glass to share what’s happening. Now there’s #CHECKIN in the Pluspora neighborhood as well as in the MeWe neighbourhood.

Think of Checkin as your virtual local corner establishment where you may know many of the regulars. It’s also a place to meet peeps new to you. If pressed for time just wave (like) as you run/fly/swim by.

How to get included in the daily #CHECKIN invitation? Just jump in and comment/like
How to get uninvited? Let me know via Conversation/message.

In the meantime when you comment/like, imagine a pat on the back/peck on the cheek/hug (your choice) when you drop by!!

Heartfelt thanks to @Dave Sutton for creating the Pluspora Checkin 3D GIF, and for the use of it. ❤️

Greetings… Ahoj! Aloha! Bonjour! G’day! Hello! Hallo! Hola! Ni Hao! 😄

@Alistair McHarg
@Allen Middleton
@Alois Bělaška
@Amanda Gordon
@Amanda Park
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Good afternoon! Early today ;)
When I got up this morning, Justus was still sleeping in his bed. A ruff life ;)

Welcome to #Checkin @Ayoub! How are you? ❤️

I thought I was going to open the doors and slip away early for a long commute and what a surprise. (I'll rejoin a little latter) Grab a cuppa and linger. There are many you know who will be along shortly. 😊

Hiya @Christoph S and Justus!

☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕ 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵

hoping to get out this morning before the rain hits!

I'm off to work for the man, back in 10 hours.

Good morning. Another beautiful day, just heading out to enjoy it. Have a lovely day.

Morning all. Having a frustrating technology day. 🙁

It’s a beautiful day on Long Island! I’m watching a story about dogs superior sense of smell. I’d like to be able to experience that heightened sense of smell for just 15 minutes.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

Happy Hump-Day! One hump, or two? :-)

🐪 🐫

The ball of fire in the sky has returned and the sky has turned an odd color. I'm told it's called blue.

Up at sunrise here in the mountains! Shot a small herd of elk that came near the cabins and also a coyote. Can’t believe I made it up and did all that without coffee. Now it’s 6:15 am and I am inordinately pleased to be drinking good coffee. And last 15 hours no sound but nature and environmental. Bliss.

The Sun is out, and I'm off for a nice long walk in the woods 🚶🌞🌳.

Bird is singing outside my window, ball of fire in sky is shining, temp headed up into the low 70's.. Late last night I went to shut my living room window (I live on the "garden level") and came face to face with a curious bunny peeking in. Spring has, I believe, finally sprung in the Midwest! 🐇🐦

Prepping to get to work :-P Might work a bit on tagging an old (2001) trip with more accurate timestamps [agh]

morning as I continue to fight the insurance conglomerates

Hiya, hugs, both (your choice):
@John MacLeod
@Dana Dodge
@doug t @Janet Logan me too!
@Griff Ferrell

@Alistair McHarg LOL. I’ll remember that one! keep going

@Jodi Kaplan lol the ball of fire made an unexpected appearance here too.

@David Calderon 2 lumps please. More comfy.

@Beej Cobalt I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful break!

Welcome @Cindy Brown! Will we get a glimpse of that trip? Pls?

@catty _big spring in the woods must be lovely. @Joyce Donahue bunnies trying to break in? It’s definitely Spring there too!

@Eoraptor go for it! Good luck.

Too nice a day to be trapped at work.

Need to be home watching TV

can you see this now?

@Griff Ferrell
can you see this now?

...ohmahgawd, I see Mr Blue Sky!

@Janet Logan sometimes I can make an image work from Google Photos...sometimes I can't

@Griff Ferrell I understand. It does almost seem random.

Cool wet day. If I didn't tell someone I'd be at an exercise class I'd be curled up under blankets:)

I woke up breathing. That's a good start. the GoT comment...and it might actually reach 70F in my part of Pa today! As it was 39F when I left for work this morning, I will happily welcome 70F!!

Finally climbing up out of this cold snap here in West Virginia. Temps have been getting down into the 40s. A couple nights ago, 39F. Today, bright sun, low 60s, low humidity. Excellent weather.

I always complain about the rarity of "perfect Southern California weather" days here in WV. We usually only get a few of them per year. But this year is weird. We've had way more than usual. So, I'm enjoying them before the withering heat and high humidity that comes next.

Hi, @Su Ann Lim - Missed yesterday, sorry - gotta get my groove back. Hope all is well wherever and whenever you are.

Waves hi to @Philip Setnik. Long time no see.

Hi, @Jodi Kaplan ! I've been spending a lot of time on that horrific dumpster fire we commonly refer to as Twitter. Facebook, too, and it continually reminds me of why I don't like Facebook - but, local news and events!!!

Anyway... I hope you are well; I don't think we've talked since before Pesach.

I am well. I hope you are too. :)

waves also to @Philip Setnik Heya Hon! Ugh, I have Officially Ended all Posting on flailboot...tho Twitter has sounded interesting, my Grimm One is on that occasionally....

I lurk on a few news feeds and fave authors on Twitter, but that's it!

Wife and I are going to see Tolkien this afternoon. it if possible? Am interested..

Now watching he third season of the series Startup. Interesting characters, a weird FBI Agent especially. Anyone else already seen it?

@Violante de Rojas Hi yerself! Nice to see you. I almost never post of FB, although I'll like and comment some. I actually had a civil conversation on Twitter today, which is kinda rare.

Hiyas! Had a quick moment to lurk and wave... gotta run again. 😘

Got tied up with other stuff today. Just recently got around to checking Pluspora notifications.

On approaching my house coming back from a 2 mile walk this afternoon I spotted a rabbit near the curb passing in front of my house. I waited for it to get to my neighbor’s lawn before going in. This is a treat in my part of Long Island.

Geeze you guys it's overcast and cold in San Diego, and supposed to rain tomorrow. What's with OUR blue skies and OUR sunny temperatures being SOMEWHERE ELSE? I demand my money back!

@Cindy Brown - Be careful what you wish for. - What part of Long Island?

@Cindy Brown hey, I had to wear flannel shirts the last few days, and hats, and gloves! I want MY money back. It's May, not March.

I’ve been having fun on Twitter and find great folks and great conversations going. Has a lot to do with who you find to follow. And then follow their friends when you see funny or cogent posts. I went almost 8 years barely using it a few times a year and about 20 folks I followed. Now I have about 350 I follow, many from G+. So my stream is good quality.

Well, the cane I was using to help me get around while my sprained ankle heals gave me the most ow-ful two days of blistering headache. This morning the headache is gone and there's a pretty blue sky outside!

Rabbits, rabbits everywhere... You've got them too? @Joyce Donahue earlier mentioned one lurking around her place... They are also plentiful and sassy here along the coast of western Canada. (they don't hop away when Zach and Zoe walk past them!)

@Beej Cobalt you're right about Twitter. My account there predated G+ beta and was essentially mothballed until recently with the arrival of many more plussers because of Plexodus. Because of the active plusser colony there my Twitter experience is evolving rapidly.

Hurray for you @Muse! I'm so glad your ankle is healing.

@Cindy ... show more

@Su Ann Lim - I've seen rabbits in my yard daily for at least a week now. I live in southeastern VA.

I enjoyed Tolkien, although the Tolkien Estate did not give the project their blessing. I'm not sure what historical inaccuracies/ellisions might be behind that. Consequently, none of Tolkien's stories were mentioned, except peripherally; the illustrations are not Professor Tolkien's work, and Tolkien's Elvish language is not used.

Aloha @Su Ann Lim and all other CheckIn participants.

Waves to all... Was offline a chunk of the day... did manage to get 2 more hours sleep (in 1 hour nap chunks) after last nights insomnia bout and mere 3 hour night's sleep. Still not the most productive of days...

@Bob Lai The main reason the Tolkien estate did not approve and lots of people are unhappy, is that the very important role of his Catholic faith was completely expunged from the story. Yet, it is key to understanding his inspiration and his work. So - a secular humanist interpretation of something that at least could have nodded to his background.

They omitted the Inklings as well.

That would have been too religious. 🙄

Wave @Chris Kim A

@Bob Lai thank you for the Tolkien review! And @Joyce Donahue for the additional insights.

@Joseph Teller I can relate. I hope to get more zzzzs tonight too.

🐇 🐇 🐇 🐇 mentions on #Checkin today, so far

Did somebody say rabbits? :^D

The truth about rabbits 🐇

I have to say that the Tolkien movie sounds like a waste of time now. I have several biographies of JRR - I can just sit home and reread one.

O.O re: tha't one PRICEY bunny - Jeff Koon's rabbit sculpture! Tx @Jodi Kaplan

(in lieu of a comment disabler)

~THURSDAY #CHECKIN is about to open. Let’s continue over there!

Sorry for the delay, @Jodi Kaplan and @David Lazarus. I’m in Nassau County.