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@? holly ?? @phooky It's so nice to finally be living in the future.
heh. the future in which that room is full of various kinds of USB cables?
@Alexandre Oliva There may be several kinds of USB-C cables, but at least you can't tell them apart!

... wait.
Yes, wall-warts. I have lots of them. I've hoped for 40 years I might use one eventually. With all the standardization on 5 volts, this seemed to become more likely. But alas, every device you purchase comes with another wall wart. And the older wall-warts don't produce enough power. I remember 5 volt 500 mA units. Then, fancier phones upgraded to 1 amp. Wow. Can I use these with a Raspberry Pi? No. You need a 3 amp wall-wart, which is now smaller than a 1/2 amp wall-wart of the past.