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April Fools Letter of Intent

Hey Eastern heralds,

if you want to contribute to the East's 4/1 LoI, now is the time! We need silly names and armory by 3/31 at 9 pm at the latest. (I have to sleep sometime!!)

I added some names today, but we've got no armory thus far. If you would like to throw anything together, ping me and I'll hook you up with the names. Stand-alone armory is ok too, I can always attach it to a prior year's name that I feel is fitting. (For OSCAR users, I'm in the roster under the name of Lillia de Vaux.)

Things to keep in mind:

- Normally, we try to keep the use of FS and surname-as-given name to a minimum (I find it's a bit of a crutch), but we're under a time crunch so I'm not going to quibble about it.

- Some nonpersonal names (e.g., branch or order names) would be nice to have.

- We can also use more non-English names.

- Please try to keep everything PG. (Yes, it's subjective.)

- I reserve the right to omit a submission that (IMHO) reflects poorly on the kingdom and the College of Arms.
#heraldry (x) #SCA (x)