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What I dislike about the federation

I have been noticing since a while there is a very impolite attitude among many people who use the federated networks, the lacking of desire to build a community that include all the other ones from all the different countries and languages.

Many times I see posts that starting in English which is the most common ground to communicate among the others that end filled up in any others languages than English, along the fact that is unkindly and annoying, it goes in the opposite way of the inclusion which should be the reason why a social network exists.

It is true that Mastodon resolved it brilliantly but in Diaspora and Friendica you can't exclude topics because the language that means is up to the users take the task to avoid cross languages in any topic.

However I see there isn't any desire to avoid that behavior and people are quite careless about that, hence I think I will start to ignore all the people that do not respect this very simple, unwritten and basic rule.

#languages #diaspora #friendica #fediverse #federation #people #respect #inclusion
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hoergen on Friendica doesn't like this.

There is a language filter in Friendica. And I'm very sorry you are not open to other languages than english. But don't expect that everybody is talking english in the worl. There are people that have the same attitude like you "Warum eine andere Sprache sprechen?" and of course there are people, that can't speak english.

Maybe learn another language? Oder sei einfach ein bisschen tolerant. Andere sind es dir gegenüber auch <- that was german.

Actually I said exactly the contrary, I speak fluent three languages, my point is indifferently by the language is quite annoying and unkindly if anyone starts a topic on whatever language and all the people end up speaking with another. I don't see the reason and I don't get the point.

In the case specific English is the most common language that anyone has at least a scholastic education, and it is per convention the language used worldwide to communicate with all the others idioms.

I mean if you are interested in sharing your opinion with the others you can do the effort to adhere with the post original language, what I see that many people don't have interest in sharing their thoughts with other people that don't speak their same languages. I see this attitude as a lack of respect or consideration about the one who opens the post, probably native English people doesn't make any effort at all but that's another point.

You know, a lot of my contacts speak german and some of them no english. So why should I write in english, when I want to share informations with my contacts? Doesn't make sense.

Regardless if someone think english is a "world langauage". Discuss that with the chinese or pakistani or some other population over one billion people.

Funny thing is, that I mostly hear from people from english speaking countries that mimimimi "they don't speak english". Do it like the french, just ignore it ;)) Relax and enjoy, or just scroll over it. All the others reading your posts, do that the most time as well.

Speaking as a monolingual Anglophone (more or less -- I studied French for two years, Latin for a semester, German for two semesters, "immersion" Spanish for 6 weeks, and learned some Hebrew when I was younger), I find the number of different languages on my Fediverse feed refreshing. I have a translation add-on installed in my browser, but I like to try to parse German and Spanish posts myself first.

Probably I was unclear, in any moment I said that we have to speak just in English, I said if anyone start a topic in English, Spanish, Finnish, Italian etc... It is quite annoying and impolite starting to reply in any other different languages.

I see repeatedly posts that start in a language and end up filled by, mostly the same community, in a different idiom. I don't get the reason as well I don't go replying in Italian, my native language, in any post just because I want or because I am lazy.

there is much room for many innovations in the interface to help encourage more of that community spirit, n discourage the obnoxious trolling behavior, methinks.

i've yet to get the skills/knowledge to hack up such possibilities myself yet. but i see the potential. the fediverse in its infancy, much to grow into better yet. :) and not just many new improvements, but many existing technologies to be tied in (translation for one).