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Learning BASH

Following on from my articles on contributing to Debian and Torios. I have decided to expand on this to provide a few pointers to help people learn some of the skills needed. There also seems to be nothing locally to help with the teaching of this. I am happy to try and help via the forums mentioned as the
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So a combination of the tutorial website mentioned above and my own previous knowledge I am starting to learn a little more about BASH scripting

echo "Name"
read name
echo "Surname"
read sname 
echo "Your name is: "$name $sname 
echo "This script took" $SECONDS "seconds to run"
cat names.txt
echo #add a blank line
echo "sort names.txt"
cat names.txt | sort #this will sort names.txt in to alphabetical order
wc -w names.txt #count words

The nice thing about the IDE is that we can easily create text files to manipulate etc, but as everything is now in the cloud it is easier to share with people can get help, if needed.