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Email delivery might be a hair better?

!iSurf Support

Sounds convincing, doesn't it?

Over the past few days I found some evidence that suggested that I had more work to do in DNS in relation to mail being delivered more reliably, and more with DKIM as well. Basically it hadn't been very clear that subdomains were being treated as separate entities from the main domain (though in all documentation I trip across, there seems to be no distinction between hosts/subdomains and domains) on some of the checks that mail services do. While I've had reporting from other systems coming in for months, random sampling of the reports hadn't produced the information that I recently saw.

I am hoping the net result at the moment is that far fewer mails wind up in various services (Gmail / Outlook/Hotmail, etc.) "Junk" folder.

Time will tell, and I look forward to any reports anyone has on mails being delivered from