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Flatpak and Tray Icons

Hi Folks,

does anyone know if # supports system tray icons?

I am currently testing the flatpak # application but it doesn't shows any tray icon not even in the preferences that is available as option, but reading on internet it may be activated with these options: --use-tray-icon --start-in-tray

However when I run:

flatpak run org.signal.Signal --use-tray-icon --start-in-tray

The icon in the tray isn't displayed.

My system is # Testing with # as # environment, what do you think?

My best,


# # # # # # #
I can't belueve this is still an issue for Signal on linux. The problem has been around for what, three years?? This should be activated by default. It's just stupid that it's not.
Actually it ended up in the tray but the icon is not displayed in both version (deb and flatpak); hence is a huge bug!

If you run it with the options:
--use-tray-icon --start-in-tray

you must close it with the terminal with the kill command.
By the way I installed Zoom through Flatpak and it is has the tray icon... But I didn't know that Gnome 3 doesn't support tray icon hence I had to install the nineteenth extensions... 🤦‍♂️