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Expect an outage this weekend

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

Going to move the site over to another server this weekend. When the outage/shift will occur, I'm not sure - maybe as soon as tonight. If it doesn't occur this evening (pacific time), then it should tomorrow evening.

We should get some performance gains from the move.

I'll post with another status update soon, and when relevant!
Much progress was done today, but a few sticking points took a little too much time to consider switching everything over. I expect to bounce things over tomorrow, hopefully in the AM pacific time. Enjoy your evenings, all!
Getting started here, folks. If you see this, great. If not, here's hoping the maintenance doesn't show for too long in your neck of the woods!
Back up here, now, thanks!
Yup! Basics all switched over and appear to be working... Should be good for the most part, checking on some finer details now.
Alrighty, looks like everything's done. Discovered we'd had nearly zero mail deliverability since the last stable upgrade about a week or so ago, so that appears to be fixed too.

System should be in good shape now and aside from some usual tweaks along the way (such as further tuning of the DB after it's been running for some time), the work is complete!