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*Outage* Site migration coming Saturday

!iSurf Support
Hi all!

As referred to in my recent announcement email, I'm going to be moving iSurf Social from a VPS on a shared host to a dedicated server.

I plan on doing this move this coming Saturday morning, Saturday May 1 beginning mid-morning Pacific.

Hopefully once I update the DNS you won't have much of an outage beyond that, but as with any DNS change, some providers DNS servers may hang on to the data way longer than they're told to.

If you see an extended outage, that's likely what's happening. You can always reboot whatever device you're trying to hit the site with and see if that fixes things up for you.

Updates on the progress of the move will be done over at the iSurf Announcements feed, so you should have an idea whether things are still down or just down for you.

I've been moving a variety of things the past week, and things have been working out really very well so far. This move should provide better performance for the forseeable future.

If anything changes with the plans, I'll update here, the announcements feed and on the login page.

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