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Many of us hams still use quite a few postage stamps. (We used to use a lot more.) It's not often that USPS produces a stamp series that directly applies to us, but they have one now called Solar Science.

These stamps are gorgeous. A photo doesn't begin to show how good they look because they're printed on a holographic type backing. When you move your head, the images change and animate, and the colors are iridescent and on a jet black background. #hamradio

I order mine directly from USPS. I find it easier than standing in line at the Post Office.

To get the decorative series here you'd have to queue at the Post Office though, or enter a subscripton with the Post Office services, which charges you some 10% extra for membership - and then you'd get all the new stamps, with values you'll never need.
Hmm. The German Post Office doesn't let you just order stamps online for mailing to your home? Here in the USA there's no extra charge except you have to pay the postage to ship them to you. It came to about $1.70 for postage to receive several sheets of these. The stamps are shipped between protective stiff cardboard that protects them from damage. I'm going to order more in another day or two.

I was a stamp collector long ago but not anymore. These are so cool, I put a sheet in my fire safe to keep.
Hrm.. actually I last tried some 20 years ago. Things may have changed. Additionally, I may have used the subscription only then because.. I don't know.

Looking at I see a nice lighthouse decorative stamp set available, 10 pcs for 6€ plus postage.
Für physische Warenbestellungen wird bei einem Auftragswert bis 20 € eine geringe Versandkostenpauschale von 2,95 € erhoben. Bestellungen über einem Wert von 20 € sind versandkostenfrei
So I was wrong, and had outdated knowledge. Thanks to you and the internet, I revised both. 😀
I bought a set of these a month ago. They're beautiful!
Yeah, they're stunning. I never expected something like these from the USPS. Funny thing is these stamps are not featured. You have to dig down to find them. This makes no sense to me.
those are Such good stamps.
In Germany the first hurdle would be finding a post office. Lots have been closed and their services taken over otherwise. "Services"? Don't expect any...