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Well, of course. Anything built by humans can be undone by humans.

@Douglas Senko I'd like to see someone try to take apart Voyager. ;)

Blockchains have their place but are certainly not perfect. Cryptography is an interesting subject which I don't think anyone can ever fully cover. Having had the opportunity to work with a number crypto algorithms and with some true experts in the field I learned a lot. I however know I barely scratched the surface.

From what I have seen looking at blockchains the most significant weaknesses lie in the smart contracts and and platforms that are built up around them. I don't expect any of the implementations to be truly perfect.

Cryptography has never been intended to protect things forever, only to make it very difficult and extremeley time consuming to defeat. Side channel attacks go after the implementations to leverage weaknesses not in the actual algorithms but rather the ways they run. These are often less time consuming and less effort to do, especially once you discover where and how information is leaked. These attacks tend to be very repeatable once discovered thus significantly reducing the time and effort needed for subsequent attacks on the same solu... show more