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Do not discourage yourself if the firsts attempts haven't been good so far.
Since the first time I heard about GUIX seems everything but a simple distro to use. You should also considering that it uses only free software and your hardware might be a little be indigestible!

In the future GUIX will take an important role in the opensource ecosystem, I really look forward for when it will shine!
@Daniel i am not discouraged, i am already using guix as additional package manager on foreign host os and pretty happy with it, but installation process need to be improved a lot, especially for old hardware, but i think this is not a goal, also i am probably missed something...
@Daniel i think both main problems caused by building certain packages from source
1. lack of free space
2. too long install time

i have noticed what package are built with test suites and test suites launched, many packages may waste a lot of free space during self-testing, and it's perfectly fine, but it is undesired when you trying to deploy system on old low and machine.
I see! So far I've tested Guix only as VM....