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I guess it's time to open a TikTok account and find out why Trump is so scared of it.
but, hey, you know, the Donald is the defender of all right and good. Not any kind of power mad dictator.
He's a sick puppy. He isn't even power mad. He's an ill-behaved self-centered two year-old playing with his penis.
It's a hugely popular platform for post short videos -- 60 seconds or less. Some people use it as an advanced form of conversational SMS texting. Like video calling but without the inconvenience.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - Yeah, we don't need 60 second rants from Temper TanTrump. Not that I would see it anyway. I don't do Twitter; much less TikTok.
Trump doesn't use TikTok, obviously.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - Oh yeah. I forgot that the article was about him banning it. As long as we ban Trump on election day, I'll be happy. I won't be so happy about having Biden as president, but hope that he'll at least be marginally better than Trump.
He won't be trying to kill us in order to make himself feel better, so that's an improvement.

But Trump isn't going to go quietly. I think the real nastiness is yet to come.
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@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - Nastiness as in the debates between Biden and Trump? Or having to drag Trump out of the White House kicking and screaming? Or both?
The latter, plus more Trump shenanigans along the lines of crippling the post office, etc. They'll stop at nothing. The GOP now speaks openly about the fact that they do not want everyone to have the right to vote and that if they don't cheat, they can't win any election. I think we'll see Trump's goon squads descending on blue states and threatening voters. I also don't think Trump will bother debating Biden. There won't be any debates. Trump has nothing to gain and doesn't have to participate.
@tomgrz @John Hummel - What are your thoughts on @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ)'s comment above? I'll respond as well
Trump might like to debate, simply because he loves to see himself on TV. As for November, I have a feeling of dread about that. There are quite a lot of red lights flashing.
Trump: Please state your full name.

Joe: Jerry Obiden of course!

Trump: And what office are you running for?

Joe: US Senate! What do you think?

Trump: That's all I needed to hear. Joe is obviously out of his element.

Joe: My name's not Joe!

Yeah, I'm dreading this election cycle too.
I think Trump will want to debate in front of a live audience. As @tomgrz said, Trump loves to hear himself speak, and loves a live audience.

I think Trump advisors will try to stop him. Trump is his owm worst PR nightmare. Most Americans are too lazy to actually listen to Trump, but the "muddled middle" tunes into the Presidential Debates and pays at least half a bit of attention. Four years ago Trump was less incoherent and even the "muddled middle" jas swallowed 20 years of anti-Hillary poison cocktail, so they were willing to gloss-over Trump's inconsistencies and nonsense.

Today, Biden's public speaking is boring, but at least he's coherent. Trump's all over the map, and while entertaining, even the "muddled middle" is starting to ask questions about his inconsistencies and lies.
TikTok can be bad for Trump, becauase it can take video of Trump himself and expose his inconsistencies and splice them into tiny chunks for lazy brains, and people can easily see how he flip flops, flounders, and generally behaves like a narcissistic moron.
The stakes here are very high, and almost anything can go wrong, on either side. Then there can be some ugly mess or messes to try to clean up. I am not looking forward to this, only bad things can happen.
Temper TanTrump did it. 😒

@Icarus Anne Riley - Maybe Trump can catch a few flounders with his flip flops. 😄 And then say how great he was with his narcissistic superlatives.

I heard Chris Squire (may he rest in peace) once caught a bass. Tony Kaye fried it and ate it for lunch. 😂