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I log mine on purpose every 60 seconds. Once an hour, the file is uploaded to the cloud. 24/7. I find it interesting to look at and jog memories.
They can track me all they want, and honestly even if you go through all those steps to stop them, there's a dozen or so different angles they're tracking you can hide but you can't hide for long.
There's no escaping it and making efforts to escape it attracts more attention. Every time you walk near a federal building, your face is recognized and logged. Every time you drive near a police car, your license plate is logged. So, I just go with it and use the tracking for my own entertainment. I suppose it could also come in handy to prove your whereabouts, if needed.
...and that's why they keep you "logged in"...everyone (business) is doing it now
They sell that as a convenient tool for the user, when in reality it's a tool for them to keep tabs on you!
You pay for the service, AD's on both sides of the screen, they're collecting all your personal data, and Endless CAPTCHA, your replacement...did I miss anything?
Lately, there has been a higher-than-normal presence of emergency responders and law enforcement in our neighborhood...makes me curious but nervous at the same time...I'm not doing anything wrong, but they're there...and I don't know WHY they're there...
You could always ask the chief, if you're in a smaller town.
It's on the smaller-side, but they just did a major overhaul of the entire's not the time, so to speak. They started with the chief and worked out.