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As a FL resident this is so infuriating. Lack of proper testing/tracing and protocols after we would achieve containment is why I have been so conservative on my self isolation; which now doubling down on as it tears through again like a wild fire but now with even less protocol.
2020-10-17 19:04:29
First it was a # lab dump's fault. Then it was a tech error that doesn't exist. Now the truth comes out: They're going to gradually stop reporting.

That was always the end-game.

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# to Scale Back # #
We have also been conservative with our approach to this virus, but I have to confess to sometimes feeling hygiene fatigue.
@Ted Yeah especially when everyone else is just saying "fuck it" so there is no chance we will ever have containment or proper testing/tracing to maintain said containment. This is a marathon not a sprint but it's still difficult.
It's just good practice. We don't usually mind the spreading of colds and flus because we usually survive them but it is inevitable that viruses will evolve to become more contagious. What will be the true nightmare will be if and when one evolves to survive detergents. Then we could be truly doomed.