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!iSurf Support
So I was under the impression that if you had to port your account, none of your old posts went with you because I ported my key over from an instance that I don't think provided that option a year ago. Just downloaded my backup and looked through the code and it looks like all my posts are saved. Is this the case because if so I've been telling people wrong things. It just doesn't download your saved files and videos yes? Also is this process still in experimental or has it moved beyond to just standard now?
There have been some discussions in @Friendica Support over the past year about this functionality still having issues. I'm pretty sure we can't get a full export from this instance at the moment, but perhaps this has been worked on in the current release cycle.

You may want to ask in the main Friendica support forum, or have a look at the issues that have been resolved at the repository on github.