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the limits of human memory

So you haven't been active here for ~11 months … hope you keep on pursuing BOTH “two wishes: make the world better and enjoy the world” …
My best birthday wishes 😀 Health (!) and happiness!
Thank you for this eloquent post.

Years ago, I visited the Normandy coast. Our B&B was steps from the beach-- the exact same place where so many lives were lost all those years ago. I can't even begin to describe the odd feeling as I took my daily walks along those same beaches. It felt almost surreal to see families, kids, adults, playing, resting, strolling, etc; on the clean sand of these historic beaches. If it weren’t for the monuments and signage, conspicuous in only a few places, you’d never suspect that this was a place of carnage and horror on that Longest Day seventy years ago. What an odd, melancholy feeling...

And yes, it is a sad reflection that on this 75th anniversary, the beacon of USA leadership, dignity, and influence, has greatly diminished under Trump's erratic behaviour, incoherent speech, and inept administration.

Ironically, Germany & South Korea-- both products of enlightened postwar American leadership, have now become better examples of global leadership.
TWO year now … hope you’re well.
And belatedly, my best wishes for your next swing around the Home Star 😀 Health and happiness!