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Apr 25
IMA Thirsty Thursday
Thu 6:00 PM - Thu 10:00 PM outpost alpha
Shelenn Ayres
It's that time again! Thirsty Thursday in the Party Zone of IMA Outpost Alpha to celebrate virtual world arts of all kinds and the contributions of creative commons on the HyperGrid. The latest installation and testing of Satyr Farm scripts are underway so feel free to drop by, explore, and make a landmark!

Step through the gate to see Caro Fayray's art exhibit then hang a left to join us for the party! Why is it called Thirsty Thursday? Because that is the Friday of overachievers ;) DJ Rosa Alekseev will kick it off followed by Singer Southern Redwine and a new guest DJ! I will round out the four hour party with some great tunes and will take requests for your favorites :) See you there!