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2020-09-15 03:38:48
I'm not a big believer in shutting down agencies that perform necessary services and having to rethink and then relaunch them from the ground up. It's a really a worst-case measure for organizations that are beyond redemption. Like ICE. ICE has got to go.
Democrats had decades in power to implement true immigration reform. My guess is that immigration is just too damn useful of a political tool to throw away. Then, like leaving a loaded handgun around a child-like person, the current administration picked it up and did horrible things.
Which decades were that? They only held control over the congress and presidency for four of the last 30 years. They were dealing with an intractable Republican party on many issues including immigration beyond that. There was a glimmer of hope after the 2012 Republican assessment said to lean into immigration reform that everyone wants. They ended up running in the opposite direction though.
Really? Then color me corrected. I thought they had far more clout since the 90's when I first read about the dysfunction in immigration policy and was disappointed with the lack of interest by lawmakers.
Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 through 2006 and again from 2011 through 2019. Democrats only had control of both chambers 1993-1995 and 2007-2010. Even during those times they have always had a more diverse party where conservative and centrist members would often vote with Republicans thus dulling their seat advantage. During those times immigration did take a back seat to other bigger issues and there has been a bipartisan willingness to not rein ICE/CBP and their predecessors legislatively. The Obama Administration attempted reforms but they were washed away as soon as Trump came into office.
And now I can correct my assumptions. Thank you for the knowledge.