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Good idea, but still doesn't work.
Tested with #friendica, #pleroma, #misskey and #mastodon.
Thanks @Mike Macgirvin ⚡. Let me know when it's merged and when it's released in order to test the fix.
image sharing still doesn't work with AP software in 4.2.1
Thanks for the information. Well' have to open issues in those projects then.
Same issue with #Socialhome : no activity displayed there.
I reported it to @Socialhome HQ on IRC
AFAIK Socialhome use Diaspora protocola and just started with ActivityPub experimental support.
Fixed in :

Bug still occuring in Pleroma. Has anyone opend an issue there?
Pleroma developers (including don't understand why Objects don't have audience....
@Malendur @Harald Eilertsen @Mario Vavti @Xanthor @Max @Xanthor @emaxmax

And yet the object at has no audience. So maybe objects actually don't require an audience? Activities do (at least under ActivityPub - they actually aren't required in ActivityStreams JSON-LD). But that's a different thing. We're talking about objects, not activities.