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2020-08-01 03:43:12
Of the countries with the most coronavirus cases globally, all of the top 4 have right-wing leaders who espouse populist or anti-science views.
I don't know about India, but Putin certainly isn't anti-science.
Modi is a Hindu nationalist who was complicit in a massacre of Muslims
@Szymon Sokół Depends on what the topic is really. Fighter planes and oil production, no. Climate change, somewhere wishy washy. COVID-19, seems to be pretty anti-science. LGBT pretty anti-science.
@Anubis2814 so he is a despot and generally a SOB, but is he anti-science?
That I'm unsure about, though India is highly densely populated and has huge income inequality so even with a strong belief in science it will have a somewhat high infection rate.
There's a reason why China is preparing for war.