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2020-11-21 20:31:53
Trumpism must be dealt with as a social problem. These are people who seek the destruction of American institutions. Until we address this as a social problem our politics will never be fixed.

Richard Healy reshared this.

Yes it is a social problem. I tend to attribute it to a social bubble effect exploited by trump and others. The idea that these right wing types don't want a better society and don't bother to try to convince them is a little bit wrong I think. Instead we must recognize these trump supporters have been brainwashed by social media isolation. They just have a different idea, very misguided in most other people's view, of what makes a better society. So the real problem has to do with the dynamics of information dissemination, not the results of the dynamics which is just the symptoms of bubble-ized social misinformation.
@Bill Brayman Yup. They need to be cared for. Not catered to (racism and misogyny are unacceptable evils), but cared for.