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About to enforce network post expiry toward more users

Looks like this post became public, too. The privacy control settings still need some work... *sigh*. Anyhow, it is what it is.
No idea about the privacy settings, but I'll jump on board and publicly support the policy change, and support your very thoughtful efforts to notify people. Kudos! :)
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Starting to get more active here again so I just saw this. Thanks for the heads-up @">Anadam :-D . Expiring network posts make perfect sense, I was scared for a bit that you meant our own posts expire ;)

If there's any way for users to chip in for iSurf upkeep that woud be really cool. I wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks a month like I do for my Mastodon accounts.
I didn't respond to this comment? Wow, I was positive that I had. My apologies!

I should have said that I had thought about this along the way, and had started looking in to it, had setup Liberapay and then let it fall off my radar.

I do intend on double checking on everything and I suppose putting up the information on how people can donate. Thanks very much for the suggestion, too!