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Even though I already do this with my existing provider I think this could be a service I use since it would make the process easier and it will help me fund development at Mozilla and therefore on FireFox.…
I looked into one of this anonymous email re-servers recently but it didn't work....guess there's a lot of potential for fraud and many ISPs block them...
@Kenny Chaffin Yeah it'll need to be from a whitelisted provider. I imagine Mozilla would have gotten that status but maybe not since it disrupts data mining which may be valuable to mailing list providers etc.
open a support ticket if your address gets blocked somewhere and people will resolve that.
@Dennis Schubert Just to confirm this does help fund FireFox and other Mozilla product development in the same way as paying for their Pocket and VPN services right? My primary goal is paying for FireFox annually, which I know is not possible to do directly for various reasons.
that is correct, money from services like Relay, VPN, and Pocket are revenue for Mozilla Corp, not donations to Mozilla Foundation. eventually(tm), there will also be a bundle offer, but I can't say when. 😀